Running a Java app for a long time… after logging out.

Copied this init script: https://gustavostraube.wordpress.com/2009/11/05/writing-an-init-script-for-a-java-application/ then: chmod 755 run-script.sh./run-script.sh start # Start./run-script.sh stop # Stop./run-script.sh restart # Restart Some discussions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/534648/how-to-daemonize-a-java-program https://stackoverflow.com/questions/958249/whats-the-difference-between-nohup-and-a-daemon

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Launching keycloak server with SSL Here's how I set up keycloak server with SSL certification by Let's Encrypt. Installation Launch EC2 instanceInstall OpenJDKFollow Keycloak Getting Started tutorial.Create first admin user…

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