Moving from Google Drive to Nextcloud

Moving from Google Drive to Nextcloud

My Google Drive’s been hitting the limit for some time. I do not like to keep everything in Google any more. So I decided to move everything from Google to self-hosted Nextcloud (

I used rclone ( to copy photos from Google Photo first.

# Installation
curl | sudo bash

# Configure Google Photos so that rclone can talk to Google Photos API
# c.f.

# Copy google photos, by date
rclone copy /path/to/local/directory remote:media/by-day

Once copied all the photos, I moved the directory in Nextcloud local directory. As Nextcloud client is configured to sync local contents to the host, photos were copied to Nextcloud in a while.

Then deleted all the Google Photos, and configured my Android to backup photos to Nextcloud.

Photos from my Android

Google must be safer place to store digital copies. But Nextcloud is at least my own server and my 10-year-old Mac still has a huge enough space to store files after all.